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HTTP Shaming — Adam4Adam See, that’s just just what the application is ideal for.

HTTP Shaming — Adam4Adam See, that’s just just what the application is ideal for.

HTTP Shaming


Adam4Adam, a homosexual dating/relationship/romance site, loads a login type insecurely over HTTP – after which articles the login insecurely to HTTP. Anyone network that is intercepting could be in a position to visit your login qualifications in plaintext.

(Submitted by Isaac)

Unrelated protip:

That is additionally a good time and energy to remind everybody that even HTTPS will maybe not conceal web sites you go to, simply this content you take on them.

You may desire to contemplate using a VPN if you’d like both defenses. Constantly browse the privacy, information retention policies, and terms of good use for just about any VPN provider to ensure your computer data privacy will be honored.

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The WinSCP web site is hosted on insecure HTTP, as well as the binary executable downloads over HTTP too. Whilst the website comes with checksums for the packages, the checksums are hosted on a single HTTP web site, and may effortlessly be modified in a man-in-the-middle assault.

(Submitted by Lenard Szolnoki)

”VirtualBox for OS X upgrade checker fingers out unencrypted down load links for brand new variations. Changing HTTP to HTTPS can certainly make the down load fail.”

(Submitted by Anonymous)


4Sync’s website lots as HTTP with a login kind, which posts to HTTPS. As previously mentioned several times before, publishing to HTTPS won’t save you in case your login type is packed on HTTP with injected javaScript that is malicious tracks keystrokes, changes PUBLISH places, etc. Both the web web page with all the kind, and also the publishing location should always be HTTPS.

“ is really a file syncing solution and a competing to Dropbox. But until they fix their SSL, I’m perhaps not likely to subscribe!”

(Submitted by Max)